Why Innozowa

26 Aug 2022

The Netherlands is gearing up for the energy transition. For the sustainable generation of our energy, we in the Netherlands are looking at opportunities for solar and wind energy. Realizing floating solar roofs on water offers many advantages. So especially for a water-rich country like the Netherlands, this is an interesting development. Meanwhile, the Netherlands has the most and largest floating solar parks in Europe. We see these floating solar parks almost exclusively on deep waters such as (old) sand mining lakes. Interest in utilizing shallow waters (such as water storage areas) for solar on water is increasing.


Sun on a water storage facility. Can we, can we, do we want to and how? From these questions, the Rivierenland Water Board began exploring opportunities for solar on shallow water in 2018. With the innovation project INNOvative ZOn op WAter (INNOZOWA), the water board is investigating whether solar on shallow water 1. Can compete with solar on land, 2. Be compatible with our water management goals and tasks (mowing/dredging) and 3. Is scalable and economically viable.

In the period 2019-2021, the first pilot of INNOZOWA was successfully implemented. Here the focus was mainly on the energy yield of solar on water. The pilot study showed that sunlight on water can certainly compete with sunlight on land and offers prospects for an upscalable and economically viable solution for sustainable energy generation. However, this pilot also revealed a worrying picture of effects on water quality and ecology. The INNZOWA pilot project is designed to learn more about these effects in the coming years and whether we can prevent them through smart solutions.

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