Team & Partners

“It takes a team to build a dream”

The statement above is very true when working towards a better, more sustainable future, and highlights the teamwork vision of the INNOZOWA collaboration. Our consortium of four partners, each bringing its own expertise and network, is working on a revolutionary method to generate solar energy on inland waterways…

we work together with:

INNOZOWA is an innovation project of Waterschap Rivierenland
We have current partnerships with:


Partners in a previous pilot project were:
TU Delft, Blue21, Hakkers, NIOO-KNAW, RVO, Waterschap Hollandse Delta, Hoogheemraad schap van Rijnland & VP-delta

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While a lot of technical work was done in the first phase , we have now reached phase two in which we focus more on ecological research, cost reduction (how can it be cheaper) and even smarter techniques.

With several partners we will get to work on this.

pilot 1:
This is a large field intended for ecological research. Innovations here are the control with motors that can rotate the field (literally follow the sun for energy yield). We can also move it here the field as a whole. And finally, a kind of rotational cultivation is applied that gives underwater life the opportunity/time to recover.

pilot 2:
We call this pilot ‘Hide And Shine’ (or the phoenix). We work with a bell that can sink in strong winds. By sinking under water, wind loads are literally avoided and damage and heavy (expensive) construction (costs) are reduced. see also

pilot 3:
A test with biobased materials. Here we have made a number of parts of the bamboo composite floating set-up. In this way we want to work towards the circular use of materials.

Waterschap Rivierenland

Initiator of INNOZOWA. Waterschap Rivierenland is one of the forerunners when it comes to sustainability and innovation. Her ambitions to become energy neutral on her own site and to improve water management were the reason to get started with this project.  Waterschap Rivierenland is an end user of INNOZOWA and uses its expertise in the field of water management and maintenance in its development. Het waterschap is also the coordinator and director of the project.