INNOZOWA, INNOvatieve ZOn-pv op WAter

It takes a team to built a dream!

INNOZOWA, INNOvatieve ZOn-pv op WAter

It takes a team to built a dream!


INNOZOWA, INNOvative solar PV on WATER

INNOZOWA is an innovation project of the Waterschap Rivierenland in collaboration with various parties. INNOZOWA focuses on the development of a floating “sun on water system” that is suitable for application in shallow waters such as canals and pools. This involves inventing, developing, building and researching the effectiveness of numerous innovative applications and solutions that provide both ecological and economic benefits.
Start a new phase of this project in 2022 (link to current). This phase is in line with our earlier and successfully conducted pilot. Read our report here

Proper research

Our research focuses on both ecological and technical research.
Ecological research is in line with the findings from the first phase 2019-2020.
In order to gain more insight and to clarify these first results, we are realizing a large-scale test set-up (40 m).


INNOZOWA is unique because we are working to develop a sun on water system suitable for shallow waters. Because other interests play a role in shallow waters, the development of this system is different from existing systems that are often used in deep waters.

To learn by practise

While a lot of technical work was done in the first phase, we have now reached phase two in which we focus more on ecological research, cost reduction (how can it be cheaper) and even smarter techniques. Three new pilot setups followed from both research and development.

Knowing more?


Would you like to know more about INNOZOWA? Or would you like to talk to one of the partners about this promising project?

Please feel free to contact us.

We are happy to tell you more!

About innozowa

INNOZOWA, INNOvative solar PV on WATER

Fortunately, sustainable energy has become an indispensable part of our world. The demand for clean energy continues to increase, and the development of ways to harness clean energy sources is accelerating. For example, there are major national and international ambitions for the realization of solar panels (Zon PV). However, the costs are still relatively high and the availability of surface for the current systems is very limited in Dutch urban areas.

With INNOZOWA we are working in a revolutionary way to reduce costs, make optimal use of surface area in the Netherlands and tap into renewable energy!

Team & Partners

It takes a team to build a dream!

A statement that is so true when you want to work on a better, sustainable future. This is how we work within INNOZOWA. In a consortium of four parties, each with its own expertise and network, we are building a revolutionary way to generate solar energy on inland water…

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